If you are waiting for a membership invitation, please go to your email account and be certain that incoming emails from Green River Gun Club or [email protected] are going to your inbox, not your spam/junk/trash or any other file. I’ve included a screenshot of an actual email from our system.

Last year alone we issued 27 invitations that were never responded to. Often people think they were passed over when in fact they were invited. They just never responded.

Invitations are always sent in March. The first round will go out the first week of March. If needed additional invitations go out mid-late March.

The first applicants this year submitted their applications in May of 2021. If you submitted before that date, you may have missed your invitation.

If you’ve submitted an application and think you didn’t receive an immediate email reply, you need to perform the same search.

We use a third party provider that keeps records of all official Club emails and provides access to those records.

If you have questions about applications submitted before May 2021 please email Eric at [email protected]. If you have questions about your current place in line, please text me at 270-535-5892. Please, do not call us. We volunteer our time to the club and will respond to you, but often can’t stop what we’re doing for a phone call at that very moment.


Stephen Summers