Match Director: Colin Reece, 502-428-6312, [email protected]

New Shooters Meeting 1:15

Match starts at 1:30.


  1. Rim fire Iron sights
  2. Rim fire Optic
  3. Rim fire Rifle
  4. Centerfire (no optics)
  5. Open (optics allowed)
  6. PCC (Pistol Caliber Carbine)

All firearms must be in pistol or 22 rim fire calibers only. No rifle calibers or shotguns are allowed. Green River Gun Club runs a COLD range. No loaded firearms are allowed unless instructed by a safety officer.

The Match

We typically shoot 3 stages for a match. Each stage is shot five (5) times with the four (4) best scores on the stage being counted. The steel plates will be from 10 to 25 yards away and maybe shot in any order as long as the designated stop plate is hit last. Makeup shots on missed plates are allowed.


A shooters time begins when the timer beeps and ends with the last shot hits the stop plate. The maximum time for any sting of fire is 20 seconds. The time in seconds is the score.

A 3 second penalty will occur for any plates not hit after the stop plate is shot. A 3 second penalty may occur if the shooter shoots before the timer beeps.

Starting Position

Centerfire and open handguns start with a holstered firearm and the shooter’s hands in the surrender position.

Rim fire classes and PPC firearms start at the low ready position aimed at a designated point.

If the shooter or safety officer feel it would be safer for all involved, centerfire or open class shooters may start at the low ready position.


  1. A firearm in good working condition
  2. 2-5 magazines.
  3. A minimum of 75 rounds of ammunition. 100 rounds would be preferred.
  4. For Centerfire and Open pistols, a good leather, Kydex or polymer holster and stiff belt. Cheap nylon (Uncle Mike’s or similar ) will not be allowed.
  5. For rim fire pistols or revolvers, a range bag or holster.
  6. Safety Glasses
  7. Hearing protection

Spectators must wear eye and hearing protections at all times during the match.

Safety meeting

All new shooters MUST attend a safety meeting just prior to the match. At that time the range commands will be explained.

Safety Violations

  1. Dropping a firearm loaded or unloaded.
  2. Breaking the 180 degree plane with a weapon loaded or unloaded.
  3. Arriving or leaving the shooting line with a loaded weapon.
  4. Failing to follow the safety officer’s commands.

Any safety violation will be cause for a match disqualification. The safety officers’ ruling is final.