The Green River Gun Club hosts a Public 2 Gun Match the 3rd Saturday of every month from April through October.

Match Director Aaron Cotton 270-205-0362, [email protected]

The September match is a Night Match and requires attendance to 2 previous matches to participate.

General 2 Gun Match Information

The match will consist of 4-6 stages. Each stage may be rifle only, pistol only or a combination of both.

Match Fee                      $20

Setup (Optional)              8am

Registration                     9am

Shooters Meeting            9:30am

You must attend the Shooters Meeting to be allowed to shoot.   

While it is set up as a competition, it is not an overly competitive environment for new shooters. Just come and have fun

Distances will vary from arm’s length to 150 yards.

Combined round count will not exceed 125 rounds if shot clean.

Stages are set up so they can be completed with only iron sights.

Stages are designed to challenge and increase the shooter’s weapon handling skills through physical exertion as well as shooting from unnatural positions.  

2 Gun Equipment Requirements

Equipment requirements are kept very basic to encourage new shooters to participate with very minimal investment.

·  Ear Protection

·  Eye Protection

·  Pistol

·  Pistol Holster

·  Rifle

·  2 Pistol Mags (capable of holding a total 30 rounds i.e. 2 15 round mags)

·  2 Rifle Mags (capable of holding a total 60 rounds i.e. 2 30 round mags)

·  Ammo (100 Rounds of both pistol and rifle will be more than enough)

·  Rifle Chamber Flag (don’t let this deter you, I have spares if you don’t have one)

Bring any additional equipment you like.

Feel free to share this match with any of your shooting friends.

2 Gun Contacts

Please contact me with any questions:

Email – [email protected]

Additional Information

A complete set of rules including division break down, scoring and new shooter guide can be found in the documentation below.