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Green River Gun Club HoodiesGreen River Gun Club Hoodies

The first group of GRGC hoodies are in stock and available for purchase now. If we don’t currently have your size, we’ll be taking orders for the next group.

Main Range Close – Fri, Oct 16thMain Range Close – Fri, Oct 16th

Main Range will be closed this Friday, October 16, from 9:00 AM til 5:00 PM while GRGC hosts the BGPD for lunch and range time. Stephen SummersPresident

Appropriate TargetsAppropriate Targets

For the record: aerosol cans are NOT appropriate targets at GRGC. And, all members are responsible for cleaning up their targets and brass before leaving the range. Last week

Fall Work Day – Oct 18thFall Work Day – Oct 18th

Fall Member Work Day is Sunday October 18 at 9:00 AM. Our task this time is replacing all the backer boards and several of the support posts on the

300 & 400 Yard Targets300 & 400 Yard Targets

We tried something new this morning: the 300 & 400 yd steel now has white backer boards behind the targets. This provides much needed contrast and makes the targets

Main Range closed Friday 10/2/2020Main Range closed Friday 10/2/2020

Main Range will be closed this Friday, October 2, from 9:00 AM through 5:00 PM. Pistol Bays and Rim Fire Range will remain open for member use. Stephen Summers,President

Kentucky’s Largest Shotgun ShellKentucky’s Largest Shotgun Shell

This is recycling/re-purposing…on steroids. When the contractor pulled a tall skinny tank out of the trees and brush, the mental wheels started turning. With a great deal of help

Posts from Spring 2020Posts from Spring 2020

Here are the posts from the Spring 0f 2020 website data.

Gongs repaintedGongs repainted

Ben hiked up and serviced the 300 and 400 yd targets this morning. All are hanging properly and painted orange. Please let me know whenever they need servicing.