Match Director: Stephen Summers, 270-535-5892, [email protected]

GRGC is currently a one trap club, sanctioned by the ATA to throw registered targets. We feature 36” concrete walkways, excellent lighting for night shoots and Canterbury Voice Releases. We throw White Flyer Pitch targets to ATA standards from a Pat Trap. Currently the Trap Range is open to member and public use Monday evenings starting at 5:00 PM, April through the end of November. We throw practice targets for all 3 disciplines, singles/caps/doubles on a typical Monday evening. We also proudly host a very active 4H Shooting Sports team, a traveling High School AIM team and all four County High Schools FFA trap teams.

If you’ve never shot formal trap before, don’t be intimidated. Out basic rules are simple: Actions open anytime the gun is moving, only one shell at a time (2 for doubles), muzzle down or downrange, close your action only when it’s your turn to shoot. There’s always someone there willing to walk you through procedure and answer any questions you may have.